Event ID
Event Title: Syrian Medicare 2011
Exhibition date: 20 - 24 June 2011
Venue: Fairground - Damascus - Syria
Visit Hours: From 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Entering the Exhibition: Trade & Medical Professionals Only
The Syrian Arab Republic:

Lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is on the north, Iraq on the east and southeast, Jordan on the south, Palestine on the southeast, and Lebanon on the west.

-   Population:  23.000.000 Inhabitants (2009 census)
-   Area: 185.000 km2
-   Language: Arabic as native, English & French are widely spoken as well
-   Capital: Damascus, the Oldest City in the World, 4.000.000 Inhabitants
-   Weather Information: In June between 25 - 35o c
-   Main Airport: Damascus, Aleppo, and Latakia
-   Office Hours: 08:00–15:00(Government)
-   Day off: Friday & Saturday
-   Shopping Hours: 09:00–14:30 & 16:30 till 22:00 in June
Passport and Visa Requirements:
For participants from some countries a visa to Syria may be required. We suggest you contact the Syrian Diplomatic Mission in your country.
Public Transportation Information:
- Public transport is available in buses and minibuses throughout the city
- The average rate of local taxi is shown on the numerator usually starts 5.50 s.p.
- The yellow color is the official color of taxis in Syria
Credit Cards:
Accepted in the congress hotels and at some shops
Rent a Car Agencies:
Avilabel at the airport & the main Hotels
Official Currency:

Syrian Pounds:
  SYP 47 ≠ $ US 1 (Approx)
  SYP 60 ≠ € Euro ( Approx)


GMT +2 H. in Winter
  GMT +3 H. from April 1st, to September 30th

(For further information, please visit: www.syriatourism.org)