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Event Title: Syrian Medicare 2011
Exhibition date: 20 - 24 June 2011
Venue: Fairground - Damascus - Syria
Visit Hours: From 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Entering the Exhibition: Trade & Medical Professionals Only
The 11th Five Year Plan for (20112015) of The Syrian Ministry of Health
A promising Step Towards future investing Project

The Syrian health sector is considered one of the most important sectors of to the Syrian government interest and was noticeably reflected in the directives of the Tenth Five Year Plan, as statistics indicate increasing of health expenditure of the Syrian citizen from 60 $ in 2003 to 90 dollars in 2009, the government health services contribution is about half of the expenditure, and its expected to deepen this orientation in the Eleventh Five Year Plan, which will begin in 2011 so that development includes all those that are involved in the health sector, including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, and Military Medical Services in addition to the private sector. According to that, the expectation to increase government spending on health in 2011 is at least 7% in compression to 2010, the government spending beyond the capital budget in the central administration of the Ministry of Health in 2011 for over 1.5 billion Syrian pounds (about 32 million dollars), it will be spend on replacing some medical equipment in 87 hospital presently exist and on the processing of new hospitals.

The Ministry is currently in negotiations with the European Investment Bank EIB to provide funding to equip over 10 new projects between 2011 - 2015 with a cost of about /300 $/ million among the following projects:

Internal diseases Hospital in Damascus    (350 Beds)
Cardio vascular hospital in Deir Ez Zor     (160 Beds)
Cancer centre in Homs                           (160 Beds)
Cancer centre in Aleppo                          (160 Beds)

Added to that, three will be several new – 60 beds hospitals in the Syrian countryside. This also coincides with encouraging investors to invest in the health field through including the Syrian Investment Authority to be involved in a large number of projects up to this date in accordance with the provisions and advantage of the Investment Law No. /8/ projects included the establishment of hospitals such as (private hospital in cancer diseases treatment in Yafour near Damascus), in addition to the facilities for medicines production and medical supplies manufacturing, and there are more applications in establishing several other large health projects and medical complexes which are currently in progress.