LAB Tech
The Int’l Exhibition for Laboratories Technology & Equipment

The exhibition and conference will focus on the most recent and important advances in Laboratory Medicine Disciplines. The Exhibition together with the conference will offer a unique venue for those interested companies to meet and discuss with specialists in this field.

Simultaneous Event
LAB Tech Scientific Conference
In Cooperation with
Syrian Clinical Laboratory Association

The 11th Five Year Health Plan (2011-2015)
Promising Step Toward Future Investing Projects

Accompany with the exhibition activities, the Syrian Ministry of Health will Launch The 11th Five Year Health Plan (2011-2015) for the Syrian Health Sector priorities to develop the health sector in Syria and show the important projects that been offered to execute among the private sector within and outside Syria

LAB Tech Exhibit Profile:

The exhibition will give manufacturers as well as agents & distributors the opportunity to display the latest technology in:

Laboratory Instruments.
Laboratory Furniture.
Optical Electronic Devices.
Laboratory pumps.
Clinical Chemistry Hematology.
Molecular Diagnostics.

Laboratory Applications.
Biotechnology software & Computer systems.
laboratory Cooling & Heating Systems.
Spectral Devices.
Scales and measuring devices.
Diagnostic Kits.
Quality Assurance.

  The exhibition and conference covers the most important topics on the latest technology and development in the laboratories sector. Elite physicians and professors, specialist are participating, sponsored by Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, Syrian Medical Association in cooperation with Syrian Clinical Laboratory Association